I have been building guinea pig and rabbit cages since 2006.  I do most of my business on ebay, so please visit my Ebay Store,

All of my cages are designed with a coroplast base which is a light weight plastic material.  It is very durable and easy to clean.  The grids are used as the walls. Some of my designs use connectors that the grids snap into, and others are attached with cable ties.  Guinea pigs will not climb out since they have small feet and do not like the grids.

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2-level cage  Click here to see more 2nd level cages. 

28” x 56” with 14” x 28” second level

single level cageClick here for more single level cages.

Single level 28” x 56”

cage with storageClick here to see more cages with storage.
28” x 42” cage with storage

Rabbitt Cage Click here to see more Rabbit cages.

28” x 42” rabbit cage with 14” x 28” second level